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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  March 14, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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in the room. no one was escorted out. another event that we are ready for. the donald hopes to close it all. we shall see trish regan to take you through. trish: we have some breaking news that we want to get to. do not forget, of course, long stood by our side. he is there with his troops. getting out of their beginning tuesday. this is very significant. our battle to try to curtail. we will have more on this developing story coming up later in the hour.
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drowning out trump supporters. welcome everyone, to the intelligence report. leading to the awkwardness onstage. trump and chris christie waiting for the crowd to settle.
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trish: over all of the protesters. coming to a crescendo. people yelling. u.s. a. u.s. a. that was trump's signal to get back in there. he did not say get them out of here. patiently waiting for them to go away. they were escorted out. there were some supporters that came back into the room. we are getting word that the trump campaign is saying that
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sarah palin will not be here today. her husband was in a pretty serious accident and he has been hospitalized. not the case, unfortunately, her husband is said to be badly injured. she is flying to al asked that to be with him at the hospital. all of this has really shown how tempers are running high. very, very high. thousands of protesters in chicago. forced to cancel this rally. a 25-year-old master student at the university of illinois. he was scheduled to join us on the intelligence report. proud of what happens. he backed out last minute. i guess he has cold feet.
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he will join us on another day. just one day before voting happens in five big states. miami florida. this is a make or break play from marco rubio. blake. >> it can happen in florida on an election day. this could be donald trump here in marco rubio's backyard. i want to show you the latest poll. donald trump at 49%. that is more than rubio, ted cruz, john kasich combined. the politics average has them out by about 18 points.
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they do have early voting here in the state of florida. 1.1 million on the republican side. about 850,000 on the democratic side here itthe democrats do not really outnumber republicans in this state. so far, it is more republican voting here than democrats. donald trump at a rally earlier today in north carolina. trying to compare what has been going on in his rallies and what happened to marco rubio. take a listen. >> they took him and they just ripped him down. i would be on the front page of every paper in the world. they just ripped him to shreds. it was incredible. i am a peace loving person, folks. >> he will be here in the state of florida. scheduled for a 2:00 o'clock
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appearance in tampa. >> candidates now placing the blame on who will be held for all of this violence. >> a lot of them come from bernie sanders. if you said snow, then he is lying. >> trump has to get off the tv and tell his supporters that violence in the political process is not acceptable. in the discussion. >> he is trafficking in hate and fear. hitting groups of americans against one another. trish: good to see you guys. all of this violence. all of a sudden. why is it happening now?
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>> targeting donald trump. these spontaneous actions across the country. they are excluding those opportunities. there are people that love them. he is bringing out a lot of passion in american politics. >> we have not seen anything quite like this earlier. do you blame chicago at all? is that sort of conspiracy like thinking? >> i do not know what is happening. i was a veteran of a couple of bush campaigns. it is always what you get. it is not a shock if you get near a camp or you get a bunch of protest. i think maybe it is okay just to
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understand them. he needs to control. he has a heckuva time doing that. >> point taken. let me go to leslie for a moment. ultimately, who does this help? going into a big day tomorrow. are voters looking at the video? maybe i need to rethink who i vote for. >> i do not think out what protesters have done, if in fact they are liberal, making a college campus and maybe because of the demographics. i think you need to look at what donald trump is saying and the response to the protesters and the level of vitriol, increased nasty comments and other things that have been yelled, i do
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think people are saying, is this an individual that wants to suppress those? is this what we want in our nation? we have worked so hard to try and stop the vision. trish: underneath the surface. donald trump talking about this anger. everyone in north carolina today. watch it here. >> the country is so divided here it it is incredible. it is really sad. >> it does not win any more. >> there is anger everywhere. we sort of try to push it away.
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look at what the state of our country is in. no one likes to see. i think that it is a movement that donald trump sought and got in front of. there is this dynamic across the country against people that worry about america's role in the world. what is our economic security going to be? we have genuine angst out there. trying to step up and get involved in politics. i hate to see the videos of people taking swings at each other. there are some very serious issues facing this country.
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his rhetoric sounded quite trump like when he was talking about the anger that people feel against manufacturing jobs. >> they actually have very similar messages that resnick ain't especially with blue-collar voters. that is why we saw him rise in the state of michigan. we are not to blame. immigrants, legal or illegal are not to blame for the job. that is the problem here. i do not disagree with anger. it is great to see people step it up. becoming more concerned to get out and vote.
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i do not disagree with that. all the way back to adam and eve. >> we have heard the comparisons. donald trump. to me, that is going to a place, you just absolutely do not feel responsible to go to. i do not understand why they are trying to make that analogy. >> i talked to trump supporters around the country. these are people that love their country. i think that it is wrong. when they belittle those people, when they belittled their voice, racist or hateful, we are not incorporating them into the conversation about where our future needs to be. their voice should be heard. trish: we will see you in a bit. thank you so much.
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starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern. i will be joining lou dobbs and neil cavuto. coming up, a shocking disturbing new report that makes clear just how broken our immigration system is. one hundred illegal immigrants that were detained and released when on to be charged with murder. massive walls popularity. germany says enough to the violence that unchecked immigration has brought into our country. record numbers of sexual assault being committed by local migrants. what does this mean for our country? 10,000 syrians. stay with me. i am back into. stay right here. ♪
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trish: more than 100 murders and 2010 could have been prevented with a stronger immigration policy. the first half of last year. 124 illegal immigrants. coughed, detained and then released. when on to be charged with murder. ashley webster joins me with more. >> these people were in jail. they were in the country illegally. they were in jail and released. they went on to create horrible plans. 124 murders. >> why weren't they deported?
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>> they were just released from jail. the home country did not want them back. >> okay. we will continue taking it. despite the fact that you are in end out of jail. >> all of those, just 3% were actually deported. >> a guy that had been deported from this country five times. the immigration. very frustrating. they do their job. they catch people that are in this country illegally. for whatever reason, these people are released and caught multiple times. trish: is this in part in
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policy? the immigration strategy plays into this. it does not include all of those that are excluded. >> a lot of sanctuaries. >> isis released 30,000 criminal aliens. 92,000 convictions. basically, each illegal criminal billion committed three crimes. 3% of that dirty thousand 558, to be exact, were actually deported. >> donald trump has taken a lot of criticism. >> right. >> venue here, statistics like this. it is clear. it is pretty hard to sugarcoat this.
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>> it is like you said. you have to have some line. if you do not important, this is what happens. these are not people just from mexico. many do not commit crimes. some do. continue to read jail them. >> you want to continue to have an immigration policy. they want to participate in our culture and in our economy. >> a law that can be enforced and be consistent. >> thank you very much. coming up. back in germany. a lot of controversy. it is a policy that has enabled over a million muslim migrants into the country. they cause violence for
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thousands of women. they are turning to their right wing anti-immigration party. can they regain control of their borders? we have that story for you next. ♪
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>> breaking right now. ordering a russian troops out of scenery up. all aimed at stopping the civil war. ravage the country for the last five years. traveling to europe. to germany. voters sent a really loud and clear message to angela merkel. no more migrants. they supported the party. a party just three years ago. all in response to the growing crisis.
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it remains defiant. the country's immigration policy will not change. this, despite reports of record numbers, by these migrants. joining me now is kt mcfarland. fox news national security analyst. good to see you. you have said over and over again that germany is committing suicide by allowing these migrants to effectively take over their culture by allowing these people in. do you think that the people now have a chance at salvaging what is left? >> i think that the damage is already done. there are already a million there. maybe 8 million more headed there this year. we will send them back.
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you cannot send them back to a war zone. i think that the problem has already happens. the european populations, the other countries will do exactly what germany just did. >> social and political reasons for it to happen. why is this happening? the woman, the mother. i look at this and i would these fearful. all of the other things that are happening there. why is this happening with these migrants? >> a national human response. the unmitigated surrender by
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merkel. >> i think you misinterpreted my question. why are these men assaulting women? thankless for the opportunity that i have been given. a shot at a new life in germany. why is that happening. >> those that are trying to seek freedom. a population of radicals forcing themselves upon it. if they are coming from a misogynistic environment. this mixture, this overly, a fast mature society that is causing, but chen. we saw drapes in egypt.
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we saw it all over. dictators'. saudia egypt. this mess of humanity. trish: in the meantime, they are trying to decide what do we do with this situation. we do not want these migrants here. does it help in any way? well back on anything down in any way? what isthat? he has now messed up the middle east. going back to russia. knowing what will happen. he just has to sit back and know what is happening. a real political problem and, potentially, a military. secondly, just a couple days ago
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, there was -- he was a leader of isis. he presumably, he is russia's biggest nightmare. he is gone. >> not having the backing of vladimir putin. do you anticipate that these migrants will swell? or is there a chance that some people maybe more settled? >> i do not take that much would change. i would be careful in assuming that russia is pulling out. iran is continuing to be strong. they find themselves able to step out on the ground
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operation. the refugee continues to flow out. >> what happens? kt is predicting the end of the eu. what do you say? >> eight eu will continue to dissolve. as long as the syrian refugees have no place to go but back, they need a no-fly zone away from the side and away from isis. our families do not have to immigrate to the west. europe cannot take them in. they will see these opposite and equal reaction from the far right. there has been no policy to stand up for the european nationstates. trish: no. definitely not. thank you. are the gop candidates backing off? whoever that person may be?
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speed back is there anyone on stage who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to that even chew all nominees of the republican party?
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>> what a difference six months make. one of the first republican debate. donald trump promised to support the republican nominee. it is wavering. >> i think that it is a disaster. i said in the debate, i said yes. sometimes it is really tough. it is getting harder every day. i will not change the support. donald trump will not be the nominee. trish: supporting the nominee. why are they wavering on this right now? campaigning hard. john kasich. you can see live pictures of him. leslie marshall. back with me.
2:36 pm
donald trump. more delegates. tomorrow night. will he be the nominee for the republican party? >> if he wins in ohio and florida, ohio looks very tight. we have elin knowing and carolina. other big states to come. it is almost apologetic untrimmed -- it is almost impossible. tomorrow is just a huge day for this campaign. what actually be you, the republican nominee at this point? >> yes. not just hoping for. he first ran. oh, it is a joke. arnold sports and nader was our governor.
2:37 pm
i do believe we will be able to see the republican nominee. >> you are kind of hoping for it. do you want to see donald trump when? >> yes. that does not necessarily mean it is going to go down like that. whether it is hillary clinton or bernie sanders. they do believe that hillary linton will be the democratic nominee. and average of the polls with trump. it looks like marco rubio would be harder to beat. even ted cruz would be harder for her to beat than trump. >> they would fight to see the possibility. getting someone in there. the ability for donald trump to go after the area.
2:38 pm
>> feeling pretty betrayed. things like ppp. supporting secretary of state. will that come back to haunt her? having a shot at these voters. >> any republicans that are saying we will not support the nominees of donald trump. they are doing nothing but helping. for those folks that do not believe that donald trump is their preferred candidate or their problems with donald trump, i invite them to make lemons out of their lemons. it is going on on the right. donald trump will put together a unique political coalition. all of these polls that we are seeing, i would throw them away. i do not think that they are that relevant. we will have to see how this comes together. ted cruz or donald are donald trump has a chance of winning
2:39 pm
that general election. hillary clinton is used goods. they are tired of her and they are tired of these scandals. >> no, no, no. >> with hillary, i have to say, she really does have to get to the blue collars first. blaming for bill clinton signing into law. she is not her husband. that is something she has to be specific and clear with. my boss was supporting it. i really do not. she does have to target those blue-collar workers. only 40% of republicans supporting donald trump.
2:40 pm
trish: to use the term describing hillary clinton, used goods. what do you mean by that? >> we know how it comes out. a second set of rules for them. hillary clinton has shown that with her e-mails. the one thing the american people are tired of is the people and government inc. that they can play at their own way. they can hide from transparency. hillary clinton is somebody who the american people have seen up close & all. >> it is a nice thing to say, though. >> fair enough. i think the clinton's best day in politics was behind them. they are looking for somebody fresh and new. >> that is a nicer way to frame it.
2:41 pm
>> i will take your coaching. oh heil, illinois. missouri. north carolina. bringing you breaking analysis of that night. tomorrow night, we may see it. i will be joining lou dobbs and neil cavuto. do not miss us. coming up. republican elite has abandoned so many working classes. it has a lot to do with the rise in donald trump. how about those democrats. how both parties have ignored the economic party. the record books that could change the course of history. changing the course of the entire alignment. stay with me. i am back right after this. ♪
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trish: they are going to be at risk. a voter who is already lost. think about it. they have not been protected by the democrats. fighting about climate change. the likes of leonardo dicaprio. the democratic party is increasingly the party of special interest groups. gay and lesbian activists. you know, no white working-class advocate. hillary clinton, she should be worried about this. i will tell you where they are right now. they are all taking a very hard look at donald trump.
2:47 pm
they seem more interested in protecting party bosses. the right of workers. they are not supposed to like trade deals. we were supported by his wife hillary. then there was a free trading block with asia. secretary of state. i have to say, listening to bernie sanders, he is doing his darndest to bring back those manufacturing workers. those white working-class votes that may be lost. listen to him here. >> a farmer congressmen that opposed every one of these disaster is trade agreements which have cost american workers millions of jobs. i will not only continue to oppose trade agreements like the
2:48 pm
dpp. making $0.65 an hour minimum wage. what we will do is develop an entirely different process in terms of trade. >> sounding a little like trump. >> uc two and a half in dollar plans. they are taking a lot of other companies. mexico is becoming the new china. frankly, michigan is the state that is getting killed. >> here is the bottom line. somehow the democrats find a way to nominate socialism. we could be in store that is today's intel. we have breaking news we want to get to right now.
2:49 pm
it turns out that sarah palin is actually they are in florida. she was scheduled to appear at noon at the villages north of orlando. she is actually right now in tampa florida. we have been told that she was leaving to go back to alaska to see her husband to had been badly hurt. nonetheless, here she is. materializing in tampa. take a listen. >> nothing but wasting your time. trying to take away your first amendment rights. you are right to assemble peacefully. the media being on the dog's thinking? it does not make sense. you all are smart. you are energized.
2:50 pm
i thank you for spending your time here today. >> that is sarah palin. the trump campaign said that she had gone back to see her husband who had been hospitalized. going after those hotels during that shut down the rally they are in chicago illinois. they are the ones that are shutting down everyone's first amendment rights. we will be right back with more. ♪ is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours.
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> you are looking at a live picture now. we saw sarah palin surprisingly onstage just moments ago.
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this after she canceled her appearance at north of orlando. she could supposedly go back to see her husband who had been hospitalized because he was in a accident. she showed up in tampa florida. she thanked everyone for their well wishes. chris christie by his side. expected to take to the stage as well. all right. let's move on here. sxsw. festival happening in austin texas. in the news most recently. the president of the united states chose to go and give the opening speech there. going to nancy reagan's funeral. jo ling kent is there. she joins me.
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it looks like she has some kind of gadget on her head. what is that? >> sxsw is a technology conference. it is really busy right now. a lot of people are focusing on virtual reality. i am trying out think. it brings me down to a zen like state through an app. thank you for joining us. how does this work? >> it is a device unlike other devices on the market back a few feet back and tell you how you feel. giving you energy or column. depending on what you select from the app. >> these pulses are going into my brain right now. are there any side effects? >> indirectly interact.
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i will be back right after this. ♪
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trish: all right, everyone. the conversation doesn't end here. head over to my facebook page, like it, or go to my twitter account. tell me what you thought of today's show. and, of course, i will see you there. in the meantime, heading other to liz. liz: thank you very much, trish. we're looking at a bull hundred, and this. is it a hail mary, or are we witnessing a turning point right now in the republican race for the white house? just moments ago 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney campaigning on stage side by side with ohio governor john kasich in canton. we'll show you how romney be all but endorsed kasich. you'll hear exactly what he said. we have new ohioan gop polls showing kasich with just a slight lead, even one poll showing a dead heat with donald trump in tomorrow's winner-take-all primary. mr. trump with his own surprise, former alaska governor sarah palin surprising a tampa crowd


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